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Why You Should Get a Professional to Sell Your Home in Montebello, CA

In a world dominated by Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia, it’s easy to assume that you don’t need a real estate agent to sell your Montebello home. And while you may be able to save on the commission, having a professional by your side can bring a lot of value to the real estate transaction. Here are the benefits of hiring a real estate agent to handle your home sale.

Real Estate Agents Help Set the Listing Price

The general goal as a seller is to sell your home as quickly as possible and at the best price. A key aspect of making that quick sale is ensuring that you set the right sales price for the local market conditions. While you may think you know what your personal property is worth, your estimate may involve a little bit of subjectivity.

Real estate professionals work to get the best comparables and determine a fair asking price. And because they have no emotional bias, your real estate broker will help you set a competitive price that makes sense for the local real estate market.

Access to a Wider Customer Base

Most buyers contact a real estate agent before looking at properties. If you decide to handle the home sale by yourself, many potential buyers won’t even know you’re selling. You’ll also have to spend money up-front to advertise and get your property in front of as many buyers as possible.

Working with a real estate agent gives your home access to the multiple listing service (MLS), the first place a buyer’s agent looks when looking for homes to recommend to clients. This gives you house maximum exposure as it is actively marketed to all California realtors, as well as syndicated on third-party websites like Trulia and Zillow. You get the best of both worlds, allowing you to sell faster in competitive markets.

Get Help Weeding Out Unqualified Buyers

One of the biggest challenges of the selling process for homeowners is knowing to differentiate between a curious neighbor or dreamer and a qualified buyer. It gets frustrating when you put your life on hold repeatedly to make your house look perfect and show it to potential buyers without any real results.

You get to avoid these hassles when you have a good real estate agent by your side. Realtors are trained to ask discerning questions and determine the seriousness, motivation, and qualifications of a potential buyer. They can move qualified buyers to the point of purchase.

It’s worth noting that it’s uncomfortable for some buyers to tour a home for sale while the current owner is present. They end up rushing through the house without noticing what’s truly beautiful about and as a result, you miss out on finding the right buyer.

Real Estate Agents Offer Professional Help

The main reason people opt for FSBO over hiring real estate agents is to reduce closing costs and avoid paying commission. However, an experienced agent offers invaluable advice at zero extra cost.

They know how to stage your house to attract buyers and will provide deep cleaning if needed. They’ll also advise on necessary repairs and hire a professional photographer to take beautiful photos of your house. The above extras will make a huge impact on how quickly your home sells. Moreover, they may not cost you anything out of pocket.

Skilled Negotiator in Your Corner

A real estate agent can tap into their training and extensive experience to get you top dollar for your home. Their experience selling hundreds of properties means they understand all the games and can recognize the warning signs of a nervous buyer.

The fact that a home sale is an emotional process for you might hinder your ability to make rational decisions. You’re likely to make an emotionally charged and inappropriate response whereas a real estate agent always provides more professional responses like “The seller declined your initial request but made a counteroffer.”

Real estate agents know the local market and understand what drives demands. As a result, they have the advantage of knowing what terms are worth negotiating and when it’s worth letting the buyers’ agents win.

Access to Valuable Connections in the Real Estate Industry

Another benefit of working with a realtor is their connections to professionals in the industry. Whether it’s putting you in touch with a real estate attorney, a pro who can help with the home inspection, or discussing your property with other agents who have interested buyers, their connections are invaluable to a smooth sale.

Real Estate Agents Spot Potential Problems

A realtor is always looking out for your best interest. Part of that means being able to spot any potential problems that might occur. Your agent will help get your house to top shape, thus attracting more buyers and accelerating the selling process. This is because they have a trained eye for spotting problems a seller may not see like mold and insect issues, furnace problems, and roofing issues. They will recommend the best approach to fix these problems so that you can sell your home quickly. This invaluable will save you money down the road, especially if you’re in a slower market or selling a luxury home.

Real Estate is a Full-Time Job

FSOB sellers can’t always rush from a meeting every time they get a phone call from a potential buyer who wants to see their house. You won’t have the energy to plan marketing events like open houses or take advantage of every opportunity when you’re exhausted after a long workday. A real estate agent is able to handle the above challenges more simply because it’s their full-time job.

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